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To Save Money, Buy Gift Cards With Your Leftover Gift Cards – Week 5

December 2017

The Fight for Gender Parity Continues: Remembering December 6th, 1989

I was in kindergarten when the Montreal Massacre happened. It was December 6th, 1989. In a delusional and violent attempt to “fight feminism”, Marc Lépine, 25 years-old, shot 28 people and killed 14 women, and then he committed suicide. A lot has happened for women…

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Gender Diverse Investing: A Morning with Diana van Maasdijk

Earlier this month I sat down with Diana van Maasdijk, co-founder of Equileap, while she visited Toronto from Amsterdam; where Equileap’s head office is located. Q. What does Equileap do? A. Equileap creates a financial index for gender-diverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs). What that means is that…

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