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Writing your will is easy, but 65 per cent of parents with minor children don’t have one

June 2019

Resetting your money mindset after a major negative life event

When financial catastrophe strikes, it can disempower you and your money. Shift your thinking with these practical tips. Separation or divorce. Illness. Death of a loved one. Bankruptcy. Failed business. Job loss. Retooling for an entirely new career. Major unexpected expense. What’s common amongst these…

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Your resetting checklist

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball, or two. If you’re in need of a financial reset, start by getting organized with this checklist. Gather up a list of all of your assets and liabilities. Assets are things that you own, which grow in value,…

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4 ways to improve your credit after a financial reset

If your credit has been impacted because you’re going through a financial reset, follow these four helpful tips brought to you in collaboration with Capital One. Not surprisingly, individuals who are working their way through a financial reset are worried about rebuilding credit. Your credit…

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Build your financial plan in two hours

Creating a personalized financial plan can be done in as little as two hours.  Grab your smartphone and open the calendar app. Block two hours this week to build your five-year plan. Then open up your Two Hour Financial Planning Template and follow along. Note there is an example in…

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Your net worth by age

Are your retirement savings on track? Measure them against our net worth milestones to compare. Almost every week I get asked “What should my net worth be?” The answer just isn’t that simple, because it’s based on what your goals are for the future. If,…

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