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Six Ways Spring Cleaning is Good For You and Your Bank Account

Tidying up our home and garden, getting rid of things that no longer serve us and welcoming Spring is rejuvenating. We’ve pulled together our top six tips to help maximize the results of your Spring cleaning efforts, and realize savings along the way:

1. Electronics – Take an inventory of your electronics. Perhaps you have old phones, tablets or laptops collecting dust. You can recycle those, sell them or trade them in for gift cards, which you can currently do at Best Buy stores.

2. Apparel – Gently-used clothing, shoes and jackets can be consigned, once those stores reopen. Or, post your items online through Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji.

3. Sort Through Each Room – Take the time to go through your home, room by room, and get specific about what you don’t need anymore, which you can sell. There are many popular buy-and-sell apps (for larger items like furniture, too) that are location-based like VarageSale.

4. Revamp Your Budget – It’s a couple months into the year so take the time to look at your spending habits. Are there unplanned increases to your budget? If so, take the time to adjust for those.  Or, if you’ve seen a decrease in expenses, reallocate some of those extra dollars to your savings goals. Many households experienced a decrease in discretionary spending due to the pandemic. When you review what’s changed, as yourself what you really need going forward.

5. Bring The Outdoors In – While not everyone has a green-thumb, growing your own herbs inside, in small pots, is fairly easy and can be a savings in the long run. Start by figuring out which herbs you use most often, and then get planting. They’ll taste great and bring lovely greenery into your home.

6. Minimize – Living with fewer things can be great for your finances, make your home feel cleaner, reduce environmental waste and spur on feelings of gratitude for what you do have. While you’re tidying up, declutter and start reusing what you already own.

So what should you do with all the money you make from Spring cleaning? Re-invest it! Add to your savings account or pay off debt.

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