About MeVest

Welcome to MeVest!

Welcome to MeVest!

Hi! My name is Lesley-Anne Scorgie and I’m the founder of MeVest. We’re here to help you get financially fit for your lifetime. Our team leverages today’s technology to deliver financial education that helps you build financial security fast. Join the thousands of Canadians and their employers that have chosen to make friends with their money and get financially fit.

You Are Perfect for MeVest

Are you in a financial rut because of debt or a recent life change? Are you rolling in one hundred dollar bills, but have no plan for saving? Are you and your partner locking-horns on money matters? Are you lost when it comes to investing for the future? Are you maxed out? Are your employees stressed about money? The reality is, it doesn’t matter the condition of your finances today. Our business is to grow your net worth and give you the skills to make great financial decisions for tomorrow.
How It Works

MeVest Works

We’ve transformed the financial lives of over 2,500 Canadians and put thousands of dollars back into their bank accounts within months. We’ve turned renters into homeowners; borrowers into savers; financial arguments into financial compatibility; low income earners into high income households; money stress into financial triumph; and investment losers to gainers.

4 Reasons You Should Try MeVest

Results – Our clients add approximately $1,500 per month to their net worth.
Investment – Our programs are a lucrative investment you’ll make in yourself.
Customized – One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your money. So, we’ll customize your program.
Convenient – Access your program from anywhere and at any time.

  • When I started working with MeVest I was in my last year of undergraduate studies and desired to become financially independent and knowledgeable after graduation. I knew I wanted to save for graduate school, but I didn't have a plan. Now I know how to invest my money, use debt to my advantage and build savings fast.
    Virginia - MeVest Money Class
  • Financially I feel in control and less stressed. There's nothing like improving your life and having control over your finances - I am excited to grow my money and my future!
    Kristina - MeVest Money Coaching Client
  • My Coach was very personable and knowledgeable. It was great to have a plan custom designed for my needs.
    Kiara - MeVest Money Master Plan Client
  • Our staff made changes to their financial behaviours since attending the Grow Your Net Worth workshop. They’ve shared their experiences and encouraged each other.
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