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Annoying travel fees you should avoid

Travel on your mind this summer? Avoid these annoying fees.

There are a variety of travel fees that you can scratch off your list of expenses by planning ahead.

Baggage fees: Try taking a vacation with one carry-on bag. You’ll need to think ahead about what you’ll actually need and wear. Pack the essentials and leave the rest at home. If you need inspiration on how to fit it all into one bag, we love the approach that Marie Kondo takes to organizing a closet. You can apply the same techniques to your packing.

Too much travel insurance: Sometimes you can get by without buying extra travel insurance. We recommend that you check your current home, auto and work policies, as well as your credit card insurance policy, to see if you have coverage for things like medical emergencies, car rental coverage, fire, theft or trip cancellation. Don’t duplicate coverage.

Toll roads: Most of the time you can find an alternative driving route that doesn’t cost a penny. Yes, it could take a little bit longer, but if you build that extra time into your calendar, you can avoid paying unnecessary tolls.

Seat upgrades: We get it. Sometimes it’s really nice to be pampered on the plane or train you’re travelling on. But, if you consider its only use is to get you from point A to point B, you might think twice about spending the extra $100 on this unnecessary luxury.

Late fees: If the hotel says you need to check out by noon, be out by noon. There’s no sense in paying for an extra night, when you can check out on time.

Data overage: Don’t leave home without checking your data roaming plan with your cellular provider. Do you need to add another package to your plan to cover you while you travel? Or, could you use free Wi-fi while you’re on the road. Whatever you do, don’t turn your phone on in a different country without being crystal clear about what you are, or are not, covered for.

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