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Avoid the Vortex Effect as a New Entrepreneur

Designing your business in isolation is dangerous. Big ideas tend to have vortex effect where the entrepreneur gets caught-up in their own thoughts; often missing important factors that impact their profitability and growth. For example, an entrepreneur developing a new hang-over medication could miss changes in government regulations around over-the-counter drugs if they’re 100 percent focused on tweaking the chemistry of the medication.

Avoid the vortex effect by getting good quality advice from people and organizations that know how to make businesses make money. Thankfully there are loads of resources for small businesses that are free and you should check them out.

Sabrina and Casey

Checklist for Small Businesses – Canada Revenue Agency
Specifically, this checklist will take you through all of the basic steps in setting up a business with regards to your fiscal responsibilities as a business.

Government of Canada – Canada Revenue Agency
The Canada Revenue Agency has a multitude of checklists and easy-to-access information for those just starting out, everything from A to Z.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
BDC is the only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. They offer financing, venture capital, growth & transition capital and consulting services.

Futurepreneur Canada
Futurepreneur helps aspiring entrepreneurs aged 18-39 launch successful businesses across Canada. From mentoring, financing and a multitude of online resources, Futurepreneur can be an amazing support for those just starting out.

Marie Forleo
Through Marie’s free content, paid online training programs and anything else she might offer — she’s here to help you build a business and life that you truly love.  Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life, Marie is an amazing source of inspiration.