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Before you move in, consider these six important factors

Avoid resentment and unpleasant financial surprises by setting these six healthy boundaries with your honey before you move in.

  1. Agree on whether you’re planning to buy or rent a place. If you buy, who’s going to be contributing what portion of the down payment. If you rent, what portion will each of you pay, and who’s responsibility will it be to coordinate with the landlord.
  2. Make a budget for all the household expenses like utilities, Netflix, rent, parking, groceries and more.
  3. Talk about whether you’ll have a joint account or keep your banking separate. Generally, one person needs to take the lead when it comes to paying the rent and utilities.
  4. Pets and lifestyle discussions are extremely important. You’ll want to be crystal clear on whether you do or don’t want to care for animals, how early or late you plan to go to sleep, whether your place will be a landing pad for parties or a zen palace.
  5. No one likes to talk about this, but you need to discuss what’s going to happen in the event that your relationship breaks down. Does one partner move out? Do you both move out? Who’s getting what furniture? What happens if you’ve borrowed money from each other?
  6. If children from a previous relationship are involved you’ll need to establish clear boundaries on parenting, communication with the ex-partner, how childcare costs will be covered and more. Don’t leave anything undefined.

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