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MeVest Delivers Tips to Keep Mentally and Financially Strong Through Simplicity

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MeVest Delivers a View into a Simple Life

Dear clients and readers, At the present moment, I find myself leading a more simple life. Certainly, the world is spinning faster by the second with financial and health complexities, but my priorities are straightforward; family first, staying connected to clients and friends, being helpful…

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MeVest Delivers Tips to Budget for Essentials Only

Dear clients and readers, I hope you are staying healthy. Resilience is the common ingredient that will ensure our collective health and financial recovery from COVID-19. Today’s message provides key highlights of the new Canadian financial aid package as well as how to effectively budget…

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MeVest Delivers Help for Individuals and Small Businesses

Dear clients and readers, I hope you are staying safe and healthy. In an effort to stay connected with you about important financial matters during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ll be communicating important information that could impact your bank account. I deeply respect your time and…

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Staying connected and informed about financial best practices

A letter to our clients and readers Dear friends and clients, Thank you for taking the time to read this note amidst the high volume of communication you are receiving at the moment. During this period of uncertainty, it’s important to stay connected and this…

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Five core financial principles that lead to wealth — for anyone

Here are some of the most important money lessons I’ve learned — handily boiled down to the five best financial principles to live by. These have been pressure tested and highly researched and they work for anyone, at any income level, no matter what your…

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You need an emergency fund — but you can make it work for you too

The best practice around emergency funds is that you should have at least three months’ worth of critical household expenses (rent or mortgage, condo fees, utilities, groceries, etc.) set aside in case an emergency happens. The exception is if you are heavily indebted, in which…

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