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Gender Diversity is the Key to Unlocking $150 Billion in Canada’s GDP

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The Fight for Gender Parity Continues: Remembering December 6th, 1989

I was in kindergarten when the Montreal Massacre happened. It was December 6th, 1989. In a delusional and violent attempt to “fight feminism”, Marc Lépine, 25 years-old, shot 28 people and killed 14 women, and then he committed suicide. A lot has happened for women…

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Gender Diverse Investing: A Morning with Diana van Maasdijk

Earlier this month I sat down with Diana van Maasdijk, co-founder of Equileap, while she visited Toronto from Amsterdam; where Equileap’s head office is located. Q. What does Equileap do? A. Equileap creates a financial index for gender-diverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs). What that means is that…

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Gender-diverse Investing with Raj Lala

[youtube][/youtube] Raj Lala, and his team at Evolve ETFs, recently launched HERS, which is the first Canadian gender-diverse ETF.   It can be a challenge to research the gender-diversity policies and practices of companies in North America. That’s where relying on non-profit organizations like Equileap…

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Women-focused Businesses are More Profitable

During the month of November, organizations in Canada like WXN and Women of Influence, celebrate the career accomplishments of women.  The subject of gender diversity and women in the workplace is active around the dinner table, but not only that, the subject of has been influencing the markets and investment decisions made…

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Closing the Clean Car Affordability Gap

When the calendar rolls over into 2018 my car, a peppy crossover with low kilometres, will officially be ten years old. In the world of cars, that’s considered a milestone birthday. In the world of consumers, however, that’s considered time for change.   Here’s the…

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Can You Afford to Own a Clean and Safe Car?

  Affording a clean and safe car is within your reach. So too is getting in on the investment market for automotive innovation. What will it cost you to own an Electric Car? Two of the most popular EV Cars are: The Tesla, starting at…

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Apartheid is Over, But Socially Responsible Investing is Not

Throughout the 1970s and 1990s, companies, pension funds, and individuals around the world stopped investing in South Africa. Since 1948, South Africa had been under Apartheid, a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the ruling National Party. Apartheid encouraged other human-rights violations such as…

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Millennials Eager to Invest in Combatting Cyber Security Breaches

I love free stuff perhaps even more than my granny. But, here’s the catch. Over the years I’ve registered for dozens of loyalty programs, downloaded coupons and signed up for services online. All I had to trade to get my precious ‘perks’, was my private…

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Recovering From Identity Theft

Samantha’s story of identity theft is one of many thousands. In the spirit of bringing awareness to Cyber Security Month and we’ve got a few tips from our friends at Cytelligence to keep your information safe online. Change your passwords to your online banking at…

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One Simple Way to Protect Against Identity Theft

Last year the most cyber attacked industries were: Healthcare Manufacturing Financial Services Government Transportation Millions of people had their private information misused or stolen for the purposes of criminal gain. In some instances, that resulted in the hackers creating new identities; while in others cases,…

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ETFs for Social Good

Three social issues that are trending in ETFs right now are gender diversity, car technology and cyber security. And you see the excitement building with the launch of HERS, CARS and CYBR right here in Canada.   Gender Diversity – Stats from Morgan Stanley show that high gender-diverse companies delivered incremental Return On…

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