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MeVest Delivers Tips to Keep Mentally and Financially Strong Through Simplicity

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How-to declutter your home with a minimalist approach

Clearing clutter from your home is a great exercise in letting go. It’s the perfect time to evaluate what you have, what you don’t need, and be grateful for the items that bring you the most joy. There are other benefits when clearing clutter from…

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Making sure barbecue season doesn’t break the bank

Food cost are up making it harder for Canadians to manage their grocery budget. Stay on track with these five strategies. The latest data on food prices amidst COVID-19 revealed that the cost of veggies, meats and more are on the rise, and most Canadians haven’t…

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Get your financial house in order with inspiration from Marie Kondo

Let organizational joy guide you and avoid spending money on things that don’t bring you joy. We’re pretty obsessed with Japanese organizational consultant and popular Netflix show host, Marie Kondo. She organizes and purges the homes of hoarders. She helps families dealing with loss respectfully…

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Should you join your money with your honey?

When the dust settles after the ceremony, reception and second helpings of tiered wedding cakes, newly married couples in Canada must decide whether to join their banking. Technically speaking, so long as the couple works together to achieve their goals as a team, they can…

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DIY Home Staging

Thinking about moving or getting ready to put your house on the market? Spring is always a busier time for home sales and if you want to ensure your home is ready to sell there are a couple of simple things you can do to…

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This Year, Restrict Holiday Drinks to Half-price Happy Hour – Week 2

For it’s second challenge, Metro’s Small Changes, Big Win series gets you to scope out discounted drink specials. Enjoy responsibly and bank those savings. Small changes to the way you spend your money can really add up. We’ve pulled together weekly tips that will add…

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