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Give while you live: Providing your heirs with their inheritance before you die is increasingly popular

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How to afford to go back to school as an adult

If the thought of paying tuition as an adult is giving you heartburn, it’s time to look at the best options to afford the costs. I went back to school in my late 20s as a “mature” student. To tackle the massive costs of my…

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Five simple ways to save on back-to-school

Back-to-school shopping can get out of control. Rein it in with these five tips. According to the Huffington Post, parents of school-aged children spend an average of $650 on back-to-school supplies for their family every year. Approximately two thirds of that goes towards clothing and…

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Parents, use the Canada Child Benefit increase wisely

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) increased in July which is very good news for parents! If you are new to this benefit, the money is a financial boost for families and it’s tax-free up to a new annual maximum benefit of $6,639 per child under age 6…

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Co-working spaces with child care are saving parents money

For parents with non-traditional careers, there’s a new trend of co-working spaces that include childcare. They best part is it actually saves money!   In just a few weeks, I’m going to have a sidekick with me, a brand new baby boy, and how I’ve operated…

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Making sure barbecue season doesn’t break the bank

Food cost are up making it harder for Canadians to manage their grocery budget. Stay on track with these five strategies. I’ve been busting through my grocery budget, by about $50 per week, for a number of months now, and I finally have proof that…

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Three key financial products every parent needs

1 in 5 parents don’t have one of these three key financial products for their children. In June 2019 online estate planning company, Willful, surveyed parents to see how financially prepared they were now that they had kids. Specifically, they asked whether parents had a…

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Stretch your grocery budget by shopping online

Today on @BTtoronto we talked about how technology is revolutionizing the way we shop for groceries and why that's saving Canadians money. @WinstonSih @rogerfpetersen Full story: — MeVest (@MeVestMoney) July 31, 2018 One of my pet peeves is buying something and then finding out…

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Spending more than $1,000 on children’s activities? Think again.

When I started my career in finance in 2006, I attended an event with the author of The Wealthy Barber, David Chilton. He kicked off his financial pep talk by recounting the time he reviewed an Alberta family’s spending who claimed they were completely broke…

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Should you join your money with your honey?

When the dust settles after the ceremony, reception and second helpings of tiered wedding cakes, newly married couples in Canada must decide whether to join their banking. Technically speaking, so long as the couple works together to achieve their goals as a team, they can…

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