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3 Financial Habits All Couples Need to Adopt to Build Wellness at Home

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Merging your accounts with your honey? Read this.

MeVest founder, Lesley-Anne Scorgie, hosts guest contributor, Janine Rogan.   Merging your accounts with the love of your life has pros and cons. For starters it makes things easier at the end of the month when you don’t need to tally up who owes what….

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Should you join your money with your honey?

When the dust settles after the ceremony, reception and second helpings of tiered wedding cakes, newly married couples in Canada must decide whether to join their banking. Technically speaking, so long as the couple works together to achieve their goals as a team, they can…

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Parents, check your mailbox!

This week, the Government of Canada mailed out letters to more than 85,000 families who are eligible for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) – consisting of a $500 grant at birth and an additional $100 per year until a child turns 15, as long as…

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Parents, Stop Leaving Money On the Table

  Recent survey results from Ipsos and Knowledge First Financial indicate that over half of Canadian parents are leaving money on the table when it comes to saving for their child’s future education costs, and they regret it later. Parents are simply not taking full…

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5 Reasons You Should Save For Your Child’s Education

You know it. The cost of education has increased by more than 100 percent since the 1980s, making it difficult for parents to save enough. Thankfully, the federal and provincial governments across Canada offer Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and grants to help you save…

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3 Reasons You Should Not be Lazy When Saving for Your Child’s RESP

  Like most things in life, good things don’t last forever. This certainly applies to free grants for your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan. Every year you have access to some form of free grant whether through the Federal Government or the province where you…

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Ask Smaller Questions and Change Your Life

We’ve been taught that in order to produce great changes in our lives we must apply significant innovations to equally large challenges. For example, we feel stuck in our careers and ask ourselves “why am I not moving up in my organization?” or “why can’t…

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The Cost of Your Tribe

Everyone belongs to a tribe, and sometimes more than one. These are the communities of people that we identify, play and congregate with. Some of us have a mission such as community work, physical fitness or support systems, while others are simply groups of friends….

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3 Naughty Financial Habits to Break in 2017

  In January we adopt new and healthy habits like eating better, losing weight, learning a new language, making more time for family, drinking less, having better sex and saving more money. If you’re ruthless and consistent with making these changes a priority, after 12-weeks…

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What Would You Pay to Keep Your Relationship Healthy?

Brianne, 34, and Martin, 37, common-law partners of five years, came to see our team at MeVest two years ago; angry and ready to ring each other’s necks. The couple was maxed out, but looked like a million bucks – Denali truck, Louis Vuitton jewellery,…

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Financial Benchmarks to Hit at Every Age

We all know how important it is to save for retirement but how many people can actually say they feel prepared? Work towards these financial benchmarks at any age. The 20s – The Era of Broke We all know that the 20s are where you’ve…

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Should you ever bail on your relationship?

So you find out that your partner is not aligned with you on money matters. Is it okay to bail on your relationship? Yes. Click on the image below to be linked to this important CTV discussion with Marcia MacMillan.

5 Steps to Building Wealth for Women

It’s dangerous and frankly irresponsible for any woman – rich, poor or anywhere in between – to not actively participate in managing her own money. Far too often I’ve seen powerful smart women put financial blinders on and defer to their partners or financial advisors…

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Seven smart steps couples can take to build wealth together

Money matters don’t need to drive a wedge between you and your partner. Follow these seven steps. Money issues are indifferent to your age, gender, sexual orientation, life stage, and upbringing. And, despite the material wealth and bright smiles we see on the outside, money…

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Metro’s Money Makeover: When in debt, pay your friends and family first

Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie has only two months left to tackle the women’s largest financial burdens and teach them to allocate resources.   Annick is allocating over $1,000 per month to debt repayment. THE CHALLENGE: We’ve been following two young women as they get serious…

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Fun & Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can come with pressure – for love and for money. However, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that are romantic, meaningful, and not complete bank account busters. I’m a huge proponent of finding balance and celebrating special occasions so don’t fear,…

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When Your Presence is Not Present Enough

Sometimes is hard to know what to spend on wedding gifts, along with the other related events to the wedding such as the engagement party and wedding shower. When it really comes down to it, spend what you are comfortable with – there is no point…

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The Team Approach to Solving Your Relationship and Money Issues

Picture this: you’ve just tied the knot with the love of your life and are planning your home renovation together. When it comes time to pay the contractor, Mr. or Mrs. Right shrugs his/her shoulders in an “I can’t really afford this, can you cover…

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