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Writing your will is easy, but 65 per cent of parents with minor children don’t have one

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Using digital tools to automate your financial plan

Set it and forget it. Automating your budget and savings for things like groceries is one of the best ways to stay on track financially. I’m envious of people that have a long memory. My granny can recount names, addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, outfits people wore…

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Spending more than $1,000 on children’s activities? Think again.

When I started my career in finance in 2006, I attended an event with the author of The Wealthy Barber, David Chilton. He kicked off his financial pep talk by recounting the time he reviewed an Alberta family’s spending who claimed they were completely broke…

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Here’s How to Take Advantage of Scholarship Season

Millions of post-secondary scholarship dollars are left on the table because Canadian students don’t bother to apply for the money. Post-secondary students across Canada are preparing for final exams — but carving out time during the next 60 days to investigate scholarship opportunities could save…

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Gender-diverse Investing with Raj Lala

[youtube][/youtube] Raj Lala, and his team at Evolve ETFs, recently launched HERS, which is the first Canadian gender-diverse ETF.   It can be a challenge to research the gender-diversity policies and practices of companies in North America. That’s where relying on non-profit organizations like Equileap…

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Women-focused Businesses are More Profitable

During the month of November, organizations in Canada like WXN and Women of Influence, celebrate the career accomplishments of women.  The subject of gender diversity and women in the workplace is active around the dinner table, but not only that, the subject of has been influencing the markets and investment decisions made…

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Parents, check your mailbox!

This week, the Government of Canada mailed out letters to more than 85,000 families who are eligible for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) – consisting of a $500 grant at birth and an additional $100 per year until a child turns 15, as long as…

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Parents, Stop Leaving Money On the Table

  Recent survey results from Ipsos and Knowledge First Financial indicate that over half of Canadian parents are leaving money on the table when it comes to saving for their child’s future education costs, and they regret it later. Parents are simply not taking full…

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5 Reasons You Should Save For Your Child’s Education

You know it. The cost of education has increased by more than 100 percent since the 1980s, making it difficult for parents to save enough. Thankfully, the federal and provincial governments across Canada offer Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and grants to help you save…

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3 Reasons You Should Not be Lazy When Saving for Your Child’s RESP

  Like most things in life, good things don’t last forever. This certainly applies to free grants for your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan. Every year you have access to some form of free grant whether through the Federal Government or the province where you…

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3 steps to financial adulthood for students

Your student budget is beyond tight; books, tuition, lab fees, residence, food, cell phone, Internet, beer, parties and travel. But, if you don’t want to live on your parents’ couch when you graduate, you’re going to have to grow up financially.   Use your smart…

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4 Budgeting Hacks for Parents to Afford RESPs

  You’re maxed, right? Between mortgage payments, groceries, gas, haircuts and sports registration fees, it seems next to impossible to scrounge up money for your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). A recent survey from Ipsos and Knowledge First Financial revealed that four out of five…

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Don’t Be ‘That’ Parent Who Misses RESP Grant Windows

Parents are leaving money on the table when it comes to saving for their child’s future education costs and that’s a bad financial move! A recent survey from Ipsos and Knowledge First Financial confirm that over half of Canadian parents simply aren’t maximizing available government…

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