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How to start planning your retirement? Start with what you want it to look like

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Dreaming of retirement? Start with a vision

Though it might seem far away, the decisions you make today will impact the quality of your retirement. Start with a vision All retirement plans need to start with the vision you have for your future. Ask yourself the following: At what age would I…

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Merging your accounts with your honey? Read this.

MeVest founder, Lesley-Anne Scorgie, hosts guest contributor, Janine Rogan.   Merging your accounts with the love of your life has pros and cons. For starters it makes things easier at the end of the month when you don’t need to tally up who owes what….

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The 411 on RRSPs

President & Founder of @MeVestMoney, @Lesleyscorgie, explains RRSPs and why Canadians should look into contributing. — Breakfast Television Toronto (@BTtoronto) February 21, 2018   Q. Why should Canadians care about RRSPs? A. Hands-down, the RRSP tool is the most powerful retirement savings vehicle for most…

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Gender-diverse Investing with Raj Lala

[youtube][/youtube] Raj Lala, and his team at Evolve ETFs, recently launched HERS, which is the first Canadian gender-diverse ETF.   It can be a challenge to research the gender-diversity policies and practices of companies in North America. That’s where relying on non-profit organizations like Equileap…

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Apartheid is Over, But Socially Responsible Investing is Not

Throughout the 1970s and 1990s, companies, pension funds, and individuals around the world stopped investing in South Africa. Since 1948, South Africa had been under Apartheid, a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the ruling National Party. Apartheid encouraged other human-rights violations such as…

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What You Need to Know About the Looming RRSP Deadline

We’ve got answers to your  RRSP questions. Q 1. The RRSP deadline is looming and you might be feeling pressured to contribute, but is it always the right choice for everyone? Not necessarily. If you simply can’t afford to make an RRSP contribution because you…

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5 Steps to Keep Your Financial Plan Alive

We don’t want you to fall off the financial planning wagon so follow these tips: Put a reminder in your calendar. Every quarter your friendly reminder will pop-up and this gives you the chance to review your plan, see where you stand and course correct for…

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