Financial Wellness for Your Workplace

Differentiate Your Business

Differentiate Your Business

Wellness doesn’t stop at medical benefits
Employers that stand out value the whole employee, not just the one that shows up for work. Financial wellness for your staff will play a key role in ensuring your staff are happier, more productive, less stressed and ready for retirement. Their financial literacy will even perforate into other areas of your business such as budget management. MeVest will help you build financial education programming suited to the needs of your business and team.

Financial Education Where and When You Want

Resilient and Engaged
Financial stress is a workplace hazard. MeVest’s leading edge programs will connect your staff, equip them with life-long money-management skills to become debt-free, to save thousands of dollars, to successfully navigate financial challenges at home, and to maximize their pension and benefits programs. We work will Canadian employers from every sector to deliver: workshops; webinars; one-on-one money coaching; web-based learning tools; corporate financial challenges; and, comprehensive reference materials.
How It Works

Virtual or In-person Workshops and Webinars

Learn from the MeVest team directly
Bring your staff together virtually or in-person for MeVest’s custom workshops and webinars designed to get your team financially fit. Our facilitators have over 1,000 hours worth of experience delivering compelling financial education that will get your team hooked on saving. Your staff will learn techniques to manage debt, invest wisely, save for big-ticket purchases, curb overspending and build financial security fast.

One-on-one Money Coaching

Custom Financial Fitness
Have you ever worked with a personal trainer to improve your health? MeVest Money Coaching is a personal trainer to improve your money. Through private individual in-house or virtual ½ hour sessions, your team will learn to crush debt, amp-up savings, invest smart, optimize real estate, repair financial disagreements between partners and prepare for retirement. Participants will gain life skills to turn their dreams into reality.
How It Works

Web-based Learning Tools

All you need is a WiFi connection
MeVest offers convenient and affordable financial eLearning courses that matter to you staff. We’ve invested 25,000 hours in content development to bring you over 30 hours of meaningful life-lasting financial lessons. Your team will learn to increase their net worth by reducing debt, increasing savings, investing like the pros, buying real estate, improving their personal brand at work and increasing income.

Corporate Financial Challenge

Build staff engagement
A friendly challenge amongst your staff will build engagement in your financial wellness strategy. Similar challenges are available for personal fitness and weight-loss, thus, by having your staff “weigh-in” confidentially on their assets and liabilities, MeVest will measure the entire team’s net worth progress, provide engaging reports and fodder for internal social media and communications. Our program allows your staff to celebrate their collective financial progress while protecting personal privacy.
How It Works
Did You Know?
MeVest does not sell any financial products. Therefore, clients receive unbiased information about their money.

  • When I started working with MeVest I was in my last year of undergraduate studies and desired to become financially independent and knowledgeable after graduation. I knew I wanted to save for graduate school, but I didn't have a plan. Now I know how to invest my money, use debt to my advantage and build savings fast.
    Virginia - MeVest Money Class
  • Financially I feel in control and less stressed. There's nothing like improving your life and having control over your finances - I am excited to grow my money and my future!
    Kristina - MeVest Money Coaching Client
  • My Coach was very personable and knowledgeable. It was great to have a plan custom designed for my needs.
    Kiara - MeVest Money Master Plan Client
  • Our staff made changes to their financial behaviours since attending the Grow Your Net Worth workshop. They’ve shared their experiences and encouraged each other.
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