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The Financial Benefits of Going Green

The start of 2018 brings opportunity for change and reducing your carbon footprint is definitely on the top of the list for many people drafting up their New Year’s Resolutions. But, did you know there are financial benefits of living a “green” life?

Our Homes

Replacing windows and furnaces costs a lot of money, and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why so many households delay these expenses. But, by making these investments, you’re raising the resale value of the home and the cost of your energy bills will drop dramatically. Over the course of a decade, you’ll have paid back the investment.

Smaller improvements can also reduce your energy bill. Consider using a SMART thermostat, composting so that you don’t have to buy fertilizer in the spring, taking a shorter shower and turning off the lights.

Food and Beverages

Food waste adds to thousands of dollars each year and meal planning templates can help prevent waste. It takes about 20 minutes to plan ahead and save hundreds of dollars every year.

Bottled water is also a budget killer and the average Canadian spends $25 per month on bottled beverages. You can cut that out completely by carrying a canteen full of water.

Last, start bringing your lunch to work and eliminate the purchase of fast foods. This will reduce packaging waste and save you $25 – $50 per week.


Clean Safe Cars

There are three primary ways that a clean safe car can save you money.

  1. The average consumer of a zero-emission vehicle saves approximately $150 per month on fuel, which totals $1,800 in annual savings.
  2. Depending on where you live, you could qualify for a provincial grant that is valued at many thousands of dollars. Plug ‘n Drive hosts a comprehensive list of grants broken down by each vehicle type.
  3. There are 15 brands of clean safe cars to choose from. So, stick to a vehicle that is within your budget.