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Frugal Summer Upkeep

In the summer, there’s a lot of personal upkeep that goes on like pedicures, bikini waxes and summer workout bootcamps. How do we keep up with all of this stuff without breaking the bank?




  1. You can get your pedicure done at a fancy place that offers cocktails and bedazzled pedicures or you can get a pedicure at a cheap place down the street for half the price
  2. I actually make it a rule that I don’t go with friends to get my nails or hair done – I know their choices will be more expensive than mine
  3. I keep my upkeep stuff to myself. I have my go-to places that I know I can afford
  4. Find your service providers and stick to them
  5. There are some exceptions like going for massages with with your mom, but only on special occasions
  6. For the gym, it seems like every other day I’m getting invited to a $300 bootcamp series – in my opinion, these are always bad decisions if they aren’t part of your original workout program and budget….and nine times out of 10, specialty classes are out of our price brackets
  7. With any summer upkeep, stick to the OFP – your Own Financial Program

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