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Homemade hostess gifts that won’t break the bank

Showing up to a party with a hostess gift is a great thank you and practice to start. When you go to a family or friends place for dinner we tend to gravitate towards gifts of chocolates of wine. Sometimes we can go a bit over the top thinking we must buy the most expensive hostess gifts to show our thanks. However, the best gifts are usually the most inexpensive and easy to make at home.

Here are three ideas for homemade hostess gifts that won’t break the bank.

Hostess Gifts That Won't Break The Bank | MeVest & The Styled SocialGift of Food. What is the ONE treat you make that you are known for? Bake a batch and gift smaller servings in cute boxes you can find at local craft, art supply or dollar stores.  If you’re not the baking kind, perhaps you have a favourite chocolate store you can buy a large box from and gift a few to a couple of the special people in your life.

Have multiple parties to go to? Purchase one high-quality bouquet of seasonal flowers and one set of greens from your local floral or grocery store. Using as many small mason jars as you need (3-5 should work), split the bouquet and greens up amongst them for gorgeous and thoughtful gifts. You can even tie with a beautiful ribbon and gift tag to finish off the presentation.

Get crafty! Find and paint a set of wooden serving utensils, for example.  Adding that custom touch to the gift, then tying them with a beautiful ribbon bow you are sure to impress your hostess.

Article by MeVest Contributor, The Styled Social