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How to Host a Barbecue on a Budget

The summer season is the perfect time to get-together with family and friends, celebrate the beautiful weather and enjoy each other’s company over delicious food!

We know that hosting a backyard barbecue can also get expensive, so we’re sharing three tips to keeping your party budget in check:

1. Buy pricier food items on-sale. Over the next few weeks leading up to summer vacation, watch for sales at your local grocery store or market. Then, when those ribs or burgers go on-sale, buy and freeze them!

2. Eat seasonally. One of the best ways to save money on a summer gathering is purchasing fruits and vegetables that are in-season. Check out local farmers’ markets for seasonal foods like corn-on-the-cob or local lettuce, often sold in larger quantities that are perfect for sharing.

3. Ask guests to bring dessert. Make things easy on yourself (and your wallet) and ask guests to pitch-in! Enjoying dessert at the end of a party is lovely AND having a variety of dishes from guests is a great way to discover something new too!