Money Master Plan

A Master Plan for Your Money

A Master Plan for Your Money

A goal without a plan is only a wish
If you want to make financial progress, you need a written plan for your money. Our friendly and experienced money coaches will help you get laser focused on your top three financial goals, while providing step-by-step strategies on how to achieve them. We’ll also bring you face-to-face with the financial traps you’ll need to avoid in order to be successful at your Money Master Plan.
Improve Your Net Worth

Build Wealth Your Way

Be your own kind of rich
Your future holds great things. Whether you’re striving for a vacation property, sending your children to college, paying off your mortgage, starting a business, or doubling your income; you define what a “rich” life is to you. We’ll help you determine the price tag associated with your hopes and dreams and outline the most efficient path to building sustainable wealth.
How It Works

How It Works

You design it. We build it. You make it happen.
We get straight to the point with Money Master Plan. Using our simple templates, you’ll tell us your net worth, budget and top three goals for the next five years. We’ll design a comprehensive plan, with strategies, to get you there. We will not bury you in paperwork. We’ll deliver you a no-nonsense 4-page plan. This virtual experience is private and when your plan is ready, your coach will set up a 30-minute call to answer your questions. The rest is up to you.
  • When I started working with MeVest I was in my last year of undergraduate studies and desired to become financially independent and knowledgeable after graduation. I knew I wanted to save for graduate school, but I didn't have a plan. Now I know how to invest my money, use debt to my advantage and build savings fast.
    Virginia - MeVest Money Class
  • Financially I feel in control and less stressed. There's nothing like improving your life and having control over your finances - I am excited to grow my money and my future!
    Kristina - MeVest Money Coaching Client
  • My Coach was very personable and knowledgeable. It was great to have a plan custom designed for my needs.
    Kiara - MeVest Money Master Plan Client
  • Our staff made changes to their financial behaviours since attending the Grow Your Net Worth workshop. They’ve shared their experiences and encouraged each other.


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