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Modern Couple’s Money Guide
7 Smart Steps to Building Wealth Together



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Don’t let financial woes break the bank—or your heart!

So you’ve met the love of your life and have settled down. Or perhaps you’re planning a splashy wedding, expecting your first child, or buying a chic house together. Life is fantabulous!

The trick is keeping it that way. Money matters are the number one cause of separation and divorce in North America and you can avoid heartache by learning how to merge, manage, and grow your finances together.

Bestselling author Lesley-Anne Scorgie helps couples build a powerful financial, personal, and professional foundation by following these seven steps to building wealth together:

  • Get on the same page
  • Scrap your emotions and sort out your accounts
  • Curb overspending
  • Get the hell out of debt
  • Own the walls you live in
  • Invest like a pro
  • Design your money master plan

Whether you’re rich, poor, or just getting by, The Modern Couple’s Money Guidewill show you the key steps needed to reach your financial potential together.