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Save Some Cash and the Environment by Abandoning Bottled Water – Week 7

For its seventh challenge, Metro’s Small Changes, Big Win series gets you to save by giving up bottled water.


Small changes to the way you spend can add up. We’ve pulled together weekly tips that will add a minimum of $10 to your savings. Ready to watch your money grow? Check out this week’s tip.

Week 7: Give up bottled water for one month

How It Works: Your body needs approximately two litres of water per day; and that’s if you don’t work out. Double that number if you do. Water is critical to your health and will even help with weight loss, sleep and digestion.

Over the course of one year, the average Canadian drinks 65 litres of bottled water costing $2.75 per litre plus taxes. That works out to approximately $15 per month. By stopping the purchase of bottled water you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. Sadly, only 70 per cent of plastics that go into the manufacturing of bottled water can actually be recycled.

Take Action: We want you to dust off that sturdy old water canteen and, for the next 30 days, fill it with good-old-fashioned tap water to keep hydrated. Ready to start? You can eTransfer $15 into your savings.