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Save and Lessen the Burden on the Environment with Christmas eCards – Week 3

For it’s third challenge, Metro’s Small Changes, Big Win series gets you to save by passing on physical greeting cards and postage.

Small changes to the way you spend can add up. We’ve pulled together weekly tips that will add a minimum of $10 to your savings. Ready to watch your money grow? Check out this week’s tip.

Week 3: Don’t mail cards this holiday season

How It Works: No, we are not trying to be The Grinch this holiday season. We’re trying to save you money and reduce environmental waste. Rather than “batch” the eCards to everyone in your contact list, take the time to write personalized messages to your friends and family in each one of your eCards. This tip will save you $30 because you won’t have to buy the physical cards ($10); nor will you have to spend money on postage ($20). And don’t forget that there is a priceless environmental value when you choose an eCard.

Take Action: Spread holiday cheer in a cheap and environmentally friendly way through eCards. Then, etransfer $30 directly into your savings account.