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Squeeze Savings from Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are comparable to Boxing Day, which is excellent if you’re looking to load up on holiday presents and big-ticket purchases. But, a good deal that you can’t afford is never a good deal.

To avoid overspending, shop with a clearly defined budget, leave the plastic at home and pay for purchases in cash. That way, when you’ve run out of money, you’re forced to stop spending.

Yes, the option of shopping online on Cyber Monday can seem to be the easier way to save. But, it’s also a slippery spending slope because you’re not dealing in cash. Stop yourself before you blow your budget by keeping a running tally on your smartphone of what you spend online so that you can compare it to your budget.

The best strategy for this weekend is to combine online sleuthing with the old-fashioned trip to the mall: watch websites that publish Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from major retailers the moment they’re announced. Knowing who’s got the best deals will save you hours of shopping chaos. And with many retailers offering “price match” sales, knowing who’s got the best deal can give you an edge. So, don’t be afraid to present a competitive offer.

Follow these tips to save:

  • Prepare a list of the things you need
  • Set a budget
  • Use cash and keep a running tally of your spending to compare to your budget
  • Research prices and offers online and in-store before purchasing
  • Present a competitive offer to get a price match

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