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The secret art of building wealth

It’s Time to Put Your Financial Future First

A comprehensive COURSE and GROUP COACHING on wealth
Do you feel like your personal finances are a mystery? Are you living paycheque to paycheque? Have you pushed off investing because you don’t have the money or are not sure what to invest in? Does your investment account seem to shrink rather than grow? Are you navigating your life without a financial plan? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions you should register for this course.

How It Works

Financial transformation in 40 days
The Secret Art of Building Wealth is a comprehensive course delivered through state-of-the-art virtual teaching software AND a group coaching experience, allowing you to meet your peers, ask personal questions and engage directly with your instructor, MeVest Founder, Lesley-Anne Scorgie. It blends course-based learning with live coaching so that your financial skills grow, and you’re held accountable. You’ll participate in interactive exercises, take-home assignments, online tools and resources. Get ready, your financial transformation is about to start. You get to work at your own pace.
Get The Hell Out of Debt

Here’s What You Will Learn

The straight goods on building wealth
Do you want to build wealth? We’ll teach you the building blocks of wealth creation and you don’t need to trade currency or rely on stock tips from friends. We’ll show you how to implement tried-and-true investing principles to make your money grow, just like rich people. Most importantly, we’ll be working to shift your money mindset. This isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme and we don’t provide investment advice. You do the work with confidence and we’ll show you the way.
Get Rich and Stay Rich

What Do I Get with My Purchase?

Rooted in positive money psychology for your life, this is money university without the uncomfortable chairs
There are five sections in this course:
  • MONEY BOSS: the fundamental principle of financial security
  • NET WORTH: Make progress on your wealth by growing your net worth
  • INVEST LIKE A PRO: how investments work so that they can work for you
  • GROW YOUR INCOME: methods to earn more every year
  • DESIGN YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN: building a custom plan for your financial future 

It’s just like a university course. You’ll graduate with a MeVest Certificate that you can show-off on your resume.

Get Your Questions Answered


  • Does this actually work?
    Yes. Our clients average an improvement in their net worth of $1,500 per month and most of our clients earn average incomes.
  • I still have debt but want to take The Secret Art of Building Wealth. Should I?
    Part of becoming wealthy is learning how to crush bad debt and take advantage of good debt. We’ll give you the tools to differentiate between the two and use good debt to build your personal wealth.
  • I already took the MONEY BOSS BETA COURSE. Is this the same or a next step?
    This is a next step. MONEY BOSS BETA COURSE was a FREE program valued at $397. MONEY BOSS BETA COURSE materials will be made available to you within this course so that you can reference those at any time.
How It Works
Logistics and Tid-bits

We start your 40-day transformation on July 15th, 2020

The Secret Art of Building Wealth is an investment in yourself. Pay $397 per month (plus tax) for three months.

You can complete the course in as little as 40 days, or take as long as you want. You’ll have lifetime access to the materials.
From July – October, 2020 you will have access to weekly OFFICE HOURS with Lesley-Anne in a PRIVATE Facebook Group.


Three easy payments of $397.00 plus tax

  • When I started working with MeVest I was in my last year of undergraduate studies and desired to become financially independent and knowledgeable after graduation. I knew I wanted to save for graduate school, but I didn't have a plan. Now I know how to invest my money, use debt to my advantage and build savings fast.
    Virginia - MeVest Money Class
  • Financially I feel in control and less stressed. There's nothing like improving your life and having control over your finances - I am excited to grow my money and my future!
    Kristina - MeVest Money Coaching Client
  • My Coach was very personable and knowledgeable. It was great to have a plan custom designed for my needs.
    Kiara - MeVest Money Master Plan Client
  • Our staff made changes to their financial behaviours since attending the Grow Your Net Worth workshop. They’ve shared their experiences and encouraged each other.
Are You Ready To Start?
Let’s transform your life through MeVest, starting right now.