4 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Advisor

As an insurance advisor, I find that people are not familiar with the insurance they bought and the associated features.  Below are the four most important questions to ask your insurance advisor before you make changes to your existing policy or sign on the dotted… Read More

Frugal Summer Upkeep

In the summer, there’s a lot of personal upkeep that goes on like pedicures, bikini waxes and summer workout bootcamps. How do we keep up with all of this stuff without breaking the bank?     Tips: You can get your pedicure done at a… Read More

Rates are likely going up and it could be a good thing

WATCH: What the interest rate hike might mean for you – @Lesleyscorgie's interview with with @aartipole on #CBCNN — Jeffrey Sze (@jeffrey_sze) July 3, 2017   A rate increase in Canada could actually be a good thing because it can have a slight… Read More

Wallet, Waistline & Wellness Challenge

If you’re feeling a little drained and need to reset it could be because you’ve got some anxiety about your finances, body image or mindset. But, there is a way to shred that anxiety with “tweaks” to your daily routine. It’s the Wallet, Waistline and Wellness… Read More

Ask Smaller Questions and Change Your Life

We’ve been taught that in order to produce great changes in our lives we must apply significant innovations to equally large challenges. For example, we feel stuck in our careers and ask ourselves “why am I not moving up in my organization?” or “why can’t… Read More

5 Physical Fitness Behaviours that Apply to Your Finances

Coaching people with their money is something I love to do. That’s why I built a business around the concept. But, I’ve also been teaching high intensity fitness classes every week for many years. Though my motivation to teach fitness started with me thinking that… Read More

The Cost of Your Tribe

Everyone belongs to a tribe, and sometimes more than one. These are the communities of people that we identify, play and congregate with. Some of us have a mission such as community work, physical fitness or support systems, while others are simply groups of friends…. Read More

The bogus budgeting myth when buying local

There’s a common misunderstanding that local choices for food, art, crafts, entertainment, clothing, furniture and services cost more. That simply isn’t the case. But, if you are an unaware shopper, not paying attention to prices or what’s in-or-out-of season, you could definitely stumble upon an… Read More

Q & A – Housing Affordability with Sean Cooper

Q. What are the best ways to afford a home in an expensive market like Toronto or Vancouver? Get creative. You probably can’t afford your dream home right away, but by getting your foot in the door of the real estate market with a condo… Read More

Want to cash-out on your real estate? Read this.

When times are good in real estate there are plenty of reasons to cash-out. But, the cash-out only works to your financial benefit if you’re actually putting real money towards your net worth. Your net worth is the amount of money you have left over when… Read More

The 32 per cent rule in real estate

  Mortgage lenders have loads of rules they must follow from government policies around borrowing limits to their internal risk management frameworks that protect their institutions from a borrower defaulting on their loan (i.e. not paying it back). But, one rule in particular has stood… Read More

4 Reasons Your Mortgage Application Could Be Declined

There are many reasons that mortgages don’t get approved including low income, too much debt, and bad credit. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you’re getting declined due to any of the following reasons. Low Income: If the bank tells you… Read More

Join our team as a Certified Money Coach!

MeVest is now hiring! Position Title: Certified Money Coach Description: If you’re passionate about personal finance and helping other people master their money, MeVest could be the right fit for you. We’re looking to bring on two experienced Money Coaches to service the Prairies and… Read More

What you need to know if you’re behind on your taxes

Are you behind on your taxes? Taxes are like Christmas. Each year the filing date is the exact same – April 30th. The anticipation builds, albeit negative, but it’s not like tax season is a surprise. The biggest reason I see people skip filing is… Read More

Thinking of paying off your HBP early? Think again.

Let’s face it. Most first-time home buyers need a serious financial boost for their downpayment so many turn to the Home Buyer Plan (HBP). With the HBP you and your partner can borrow up to $25,000 each, tax-free from your RRSP. You’ll have 15 years to repay… Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

Taxes for the 2016 tax year are due April 30, 2017 at midnight. So, if you haven’t filed yet, get on it! According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the average tax refund in Canada is approximately $1,600 and a total of $127 billion is collected… Read More

What’s Missing From Your Tax Package

Even accountants loath tax season. So, it’s not a wonder why the rest of us cringe at the silly little stack of tax forms piling high on our kitchen counters. Get organized Rather than use the forms as a coaster for your coffee mug, gather them… Read More

The Swap Life

Remove selling your body from this scenario and let’s say you challenged yourself to 30-days of swapping, rather than paying, for goods or services. Do you think you could do it? There are three types of swaps that don’t involve cash. 1. Services for Services… Read More

How to Create a Meal Plan (& save money too!)

Wholeness is just one of the three pillars MeVest is built on. When we’re in good physical and mental health, this pillar stands to have a positive effect on your wallet and your work too. What you put in your body affects your physical and… Read More

What You Need to Know About the Looming RRSP Deadline

We’ve got answers to your  RRSP questions. Q 1. The RRSP deadline is looming and you might be feeling pressured to contribute, but is it always the right choice for everyone? Not necessarily. If you simply can’t afford to make an RRSP contribution because you… Read More

Save the Date for our Free RRSP Webinar

One question we’re asked often is ‘should I contribute more money to my RRSP?’ We are here to help! Join us on February 15th , 2017 at 8pm EST for a 45min webinar hosted by MeVest founder Lesley-Anne Scorgie. We’ll help you learn how to:… Read More

5 Steps to Keep Your Financial Plan Alive

We don’t want you to fall off the financial planning wagon so follow these tips: Put a reminder in your calendar. Every quarter your friendly reminder will pop-up and this gives you the chance to review your plan, see where you stand and course correct for… Read More

Why RRSP loans are in style

Thinking of catching up on your RRSP contribution space? An RRSP loan could help.   RRSPs 101   RRSPs are a very powerful tool to save for retirement and if your household earns more than $50,000 per year, you should have them.   Every year… Read More

5 easy ways to get your finances in shape

A new year means new goals and for many people, getting their finances in order is at the top of that list. Personal finance expert Lesley-Anne Scorgie shares her tips and tricks for improving your finances. If you can make one simple financial improvement this year… Raise… Read More

3 Naughty Financial Habits to Break in 2017

  In January we adopt new and healthy habits like eating better, losing weight, learning a new language, making more time for family, drinking less, having better sex and saving more money. If you’re ruthless and consistent with making these changes a priority, after 12-weeks… Read More

5 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Get What’s Yours this Tax Season

There is a saying that ‘a little preparation goes a long way’ and this is especially true when it comes to your taxes. Canadians can ease their burden with some end-of-year preparation and help maximize their return. Here are five tips to help prepare for… Read More


Gratitude is the only word our team can use to truly express how we feel about your engagement, support and business this past year. We’re thankful for your bright ideas and bold financial moves. But most important, we’re humbled by your willingness to share your… Read More

How to throw a holiday party on a budget

The holidays can very quickly add to your expenses and take you off your budget. We all want to ‘host to impress’ when throwing a party or holiday soirée. And this makes it easy to spend more money than needed to impress our guests. However,… Read More

The Financial Procrastinator’s Checklist

There is still time to end 2016 on a strong financial note. Tackle these ‘must-do’ activities. 1. Increase your bi-weekly contributions to your RRSP by $20. That’s the equivalent of two lunches and it adds up to just over $500 per year. If you keep… Read More

Homemade hostess gifts that won’t break the bank

Showing up to a party with a hostess gift is a great thank you and practice to start. When you go to a family or friends place for dinner we tend to gravitate towards gifts of chocolates of wine. Sometimes we can go a bit… Read More

Max out Benefits, Tax Credits and Renewals

Benefits: We pay into employer or self-funded benefit plans all year long. So, before they re-set for 2017, squeeze the most from your 2016 benefits. Tips: Call your provider to determine your remaining coverage for dental work, vision care, chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy and prescriptions. Make appointments… Read More

5 Ways to Entertain for Less

For most of us, entertaining season happens during the fall months. Between Thanskgiving, holiday parties, Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve….it can be exhausting and expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be. This week we’re sharing our best tips for entertaining that you can use… Read More

Squeeze Savings from Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are comparable to Boxing Day, which is excellent if you’re looking to load up on holiday presents and big-ticket purchases. But, a good deal that you can’t afford is never a good deal. To avoid overspending, shop with… Read More

Is your cash flow dipping and spiking?

Remember when you were a child and your mother would sit at the dining room table balancing her chequebook? A bank reconciliation is the modern day version of that activity. Whether you are an entrepreneur or simply managing your household finances a bank reconciliation is… Read More

Grow Your Margin & Profits

Do you know which of your products and services are most profitable for your business? If the answer is no, you need to learn to calculate and manage your margins. Margin matters because if it’s positive, it means you’re adding value to the business – a.k.a…. Read More

Avoid the Vortex Effect as a New Entrepreneur

Designing your business in isolation is dangerous. Big ideas tend to have vortex effect where the entrepreneur gets caught-up in their own thoughts; often missing important factors that impact their profitability and growth. For example, an entrepreneur developing a new hang-over medication could miss changes… Read More

Before You Get Started With A Business

Avoid the following mistakes that kill a business before it starts.   1. You don’t have a business plan. Use this one-page template to develop a roadmap for your business. If you can’t clearly answer all of these questions, you shouldn’t start your business.   2. Launching… Read More

What Would You Pay to Keep Your Relationship Healthy?

Brianne, 34, and Martin, 37, common-law partners of five years, came to see our team at MeVest two years ago; angry and ready to ring each other’s necks. The couple was maxed out, but looked like a million bucks – Denali truck, Louis Vuitton jewellery,… Read More

Why Travelling is Worth the Price

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous You’ve probably seen quotes like this printed on cute note cards and mugs, but how many of us really GET what these brilliant minds are saying? Travel became my passion in 1998… Read More

Identity Theft: Due Diligence Required

Break-and-enters are so 20th century.  Today’s criminals are trading in crowbars for keyboards, and they’re using your identity to steal your money, apply for credit cards in your name, and even forge passports. Identity theft is growing in Canada, with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) reporting 5300… Read More

Financial Benchmarks to Hit at Every Age

We all know how important it is to save for retirement but how many people can actually say they feel prepared? Work towards these financial benchmarks at any age. The 20s – The Era of Broke We all know that the 20s are where you’ve… Read More

Go Back to Money School with MeVest

Do you feel like your personal finances are a mystery? Have you carried a credit card balance for more than 60 days over the past 12 months? Are you living paycheque to paycheque? Have you pushed off investing because you don’t have the money or… Read More

Travelling on a Budget with Kids

My husband and I love to travel. It has always been something that we truly enjoy and now as a family, something we want to share with our children. Having kids hasn’t changed our love of travel, but it has changed how we plan for… Read More

Ease your spending this summer

Summer is in full swing. Heatwaves are a regular occurrence with home and office air conditioners running over time. The hot humid days of summer are also time to enjoy the outdoors while you soak in the sun.   Invitations to various summer events from… Read More

What’s my coffee worth?

It’s really easy to get in the habit of buying a coffee on the way to work. It doesn’t seem like a big expense either. What’s $2 in the grand scheme of things? Turns out it’s worth a lot, at least I think so. Let’s… Read More

Should you ever bail on your relationship?

So you find out that your partner is not aligned with you on money matters. Is it okay to bail on your relationship? Yes. Click on the image below to be linked to this important CTV discussion with Marcia MacMillan.

5 Steps to Building Wealth for Women

It’s dangerous and frankly irresponsible for any woman – rich, poor or anywhere in between – to not actively participate in managing her own money. Far too often I’ve seen powerful smart women put financial blinders on and defer to their partners or financial advisors… Read More

Frugalize Your Wedding (and no one has to know)

Weddings, almost without question, are expensive! And it seems like sometimes when you speak to vendors just saying a rental or service is for a wedding doubles the price of every aspect of the event. Here are a few tips to keep your dollars in… Read More

7 Smart steps couples can take to build wealth together

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images Money issues are indifferent to your age, gender, sexual orientation, life stage, and upbringing. And, despite the material wealth and bright smiles we see on the outside, money issues affect rich couples, poor couples, and those in between…. Read More

New York City on a Budget

I think everyone can agree that New York City is a special place. It’s amazing how much life and excitement can be packed into such a compact island. Unfortunately, sometimes this life and excitement gets translated into an expensive trip budget. It doesn’t have to… Read More

Metro Money Makeover: The benefits of a buffer

Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie is almost out of time to help the women tackle their largest financial burdens and teach them to allocate resources.   The Situation: Yolanda has two expensive months ahead — $500 for movers, a truck and packing boxes as she moves… Read More

Top Reasons to File your Own Taxes

I used to dread tax time; mainly because taxes scared me. Taxes, the CRA, and my return were like a black hole of information that I didn’t understand. But, over the last few years, I’ve started to look forward to tax time and enjoy the… Read More

Metro’s Money Makeover: Turning Beyonce Into Big Bucks

Two young women want to change their lives by transforming their finances and creating a plan to achieve their top goals. For 27-year-old Yolanda, that is eventual home ownership and for 24-year-old Annick, that’s getting out of debt. Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie is almost… Read More

Metro’s Money Makeover: Will Beyonce Ruin Annick’s Financial Plan?

The Challenge: At the start of January Metro’s financial guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie started performing a financial makeover on two young women. Annick, a Calgary-based 24-year-old, and Yolanda, a Mississauga-based 27-year-old, have just 12 weeks to get their financial houses in order and drastically improve their… Read More

How do I even start investing?

Investing can seem like a scary prospect. As a new investor (or about to be investor), start with what type of investments you want to make: Mutual Funds, Index Funds and GICs (bank products) or Stocks, Bonds and ETFs (self directed). If you want to… Read More

Metro’s Money Makeover: When in debt, pay your friends and family first

Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie has only two months left to tackle the women’s largest financial burdens and teach them to allocate resources.   Annick is allocating over $1,000 per month to debt repayment. THE CHALLENGE: We’ve been following two young women as they get serious… Read More

Fashionista on a Budget

  In today’s less-than-stellar Canadian economy, a lot of us have started to look for creative ways to spend less and save more. This is especially hard when you love fashion and you covet beautiful things – like your shoe collection. A lot of advice… Read More

Metro’s Money Makeover: You Can Be Too Frugal

Being a super-saver can backfire. It’s important to allow for small splurges so you don’t end up using savings for impulse buys. The challenge: Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie is on a mission to transform the finances of two young women; Annick, who is heavily… Read More

Fun & Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can come with pressure – for love and for money. However, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that are romantic, meaningful, and not complete bank account busters. I’m a huge proponent of finding balance and celebrating special occasions so don’t fear,… Read More

MeVest Money Tip: Top Ways to Earn Free Money

There is no such thing as a free lunch. But is there free money? YES! Perhaps not completely free of effort, but so close that it’s worth taking advantage of. 1. Rewards and Loyalty programs. Most retailers offer some sort of rewards or loyalty program,… Read More

Metro’s Money Makeover – how to save and pay down debt

Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie has only 10 weeks left to tackle Annick and Yolanda’s largest financial burdens and teach them to allocate resources. The challenge: Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie has 10 weeks left to get Annick, 24, and Yolanda, 27, to change their spending… Read More

Metro’s Money Makeover: Yolanda’s Surprise Discovery

The challenge: Metro’s finance guru Lesley-Anne Scorgie has 11 weeks remaining to transform the finances of two recent graduates — Annick, 24, and Yolanda, 27 — by helping them get out of debt, save money and track their spending. This week we’ll focus on Yolanda. A… Read More

What’s Your Side Hustle?

What’s Your Side Hustle? Feeling the January financial pinch?Sure, you can cut back on spending and we are big believers that a fiscal diet is pretty darn important to getting ahead financially. But, equally important is “side hustle”. Side hustle isn’t doing anything illegal like robbing a… Read More

Tip Tuesday! Barter

If you’re in a financial pinch, a business owner or simply frugal, swap products or services for free stuff. Bartering is alive and well!

Metro’s Money Makeover

The challenge: Our participants have set their goals, rolled up their sleeves, and committed to tackling their largest financial obstacles. For the next 12 weeks, I’ll be helping Annick and Yolanda to improve their financial fitness and pushing them to reach new money milestones — just… Read More

Tip Tuesday! Run Your Household Like a Business

One of the most powerful ways to improve your financial fitness in 2016 is to start running your household like a business. That’s right – entrepreneurs watch every dollar of revenue and even the smallest expense. Their bottom line will only grow if they stop wasting money… Read More

Why It Makes More Sense Than Ever To Pay Down Your Mortgage

Nowadays, you can find a 5 year mortgage rate for less than 3%.  At rates this low, why would anyone decide to make extra payments on their mortgage?  After all, investing your money elsewhere will most likely earn you more than 3% over the long… Read More

The Frugal Foodie

We’re big frugal foodies here at MeVest and we love affordable and delicious recipes. One of the smartest ways to enjoy great food without busting your budget is to plan for the week ahead. Download a free meal-planning template (or app) or make one up… Read More

How to Save A Lot of Money in a Short Time

Have a big goal but not a lot of time? Enter 100% spending crackdown. This means taking temporary but drastic measures to reach a short-term goal. We recently bought a new house. While we’ve been saving for a long time for the down payment, there are… Read More

MeVest Money Tip: Rebuilding Credit – No Quick Fix

You’ve seen the ads, promising to improve your credit score, quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, this falls under the banner of “too good to be true.”  There is no magic bullet for credit rebuilding – you need to put in the work and prove that you… Read More

Top 5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Taxes

Tax evasion is illegal, but avoiding paying unnecessary taxes is not. There are a number of totally legit ways to reduce your tax bill, which will help you protect your net worth. 1) RRSP Contributions Nearly anyone can have a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)…. Read More

MeVest Money Tip: Affordable Fitness

You’ve got high fitness hopes for this year and so do we. But, for the MeVest team, our fitness plan spans beyond bicep curls and squats; we’re firm believers that your financial fitness is as important as your physical fitness. If you want to balance between… Read More

Monetize Your Stuff

“Stuff” costs money and let’s face it, most of us collect a lot of “stuff” in our homes over the years – old vacuum cleaners, computers, duplicate printers, first-generation GPS systems, DVD players, sports equipment, books, bed frames, baby toys, etc. As a part of… Read More

When Your Presence is Not Present Enough

Sometimes is hard to know what to spend on wedding gifts, along with the other related events to the wedding such as the engagement party and wedding shower. When it really comes down to it, spend what you are comfortable with – there is no point… Read More

The Team Approach to Solving Your Relationship and Money Issues

Picture this: you’ve just tied the knot with the love of your life and are planning your home renovation together. When it comes time to pay the contractor, Mr. or Mrs. Right shrugs his/her shoulders in an “I can’t really afford this, can you cover… Read More

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